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Summer 2017


Note: You do not need to have Bay Alarm services to subscribe to patrols.

Info on URNA...  If you're here, you're  interested in joining URNA.
Quick background: URNA was formed by volunteers in 2014 in order to improve security in our neighborhood, much like the other 6 neighborhood associations doing similar activities in N. Oakland. We meet with them regularly, as well as the Oakland Police, city council to try to liaise and bring you latest info and tips on safety.  URNA hired a private patrol service since its inception and also works to put up cameras, signage to bolster safety in the area.

In May 2017, our patrols company divested their business in Oakland and URNA was faced with a need to find a new patrol company. In the past, the NUMBER OF HOURS of the patrols depend entirely on the number of members/revenue and frankly, it has been difficult to find neighbors willing to contribute.

The volunteer committee decided that we had a unique opportunity to partner with Bay Alarm, who has a strong presence in the URNA area already, so the new patrols model is to have our members contract directly for patrols with Bay Alarm (URNA new members get a discount to start this), Bay does billing, and URNA will raise funds through contributions/fund raisers for other projects. The Bay patrols are 24/7 with well marked cars, GPS tracking, safety escorts, and we feel the level of service will increase for a slightly lower price.

Q&A about the new URNA Patrols... 
As with any change, there are questions, so we hope yours will be answered in the FAQ below
The required forms to signup are included in link below too.
Ask us if you have more questions too...  

NEW MEMBERS SHOULD FILL OUT THE FORMS AND SUBMIT TO BAY ALARM and be sure to specify that you are a new URNA member for discount.



****URNA urges you to complete your Patrols forms as soon as possible to activate the service.

Costs for URNA Members: 
Patrol hours are 24/7
$30/month (Full Member)   $20/month (Associate Member)

Associate Members get less services as before, and can upgrade any time, of course.

FOR A COMPARISON OF FULL vs. ASSOCIATE MEMBER, please see the URNA Website page:  Join NOW

All new URNA members will also receive the monthly URNA newsletter.
  • If you are just joining URNA, Bay offers a first-month free discount to new members
  • BAY ALARM also offers discounts to URNA MEMBERS on all of the other services they provide.  Ask the Bay Rep for more info on those...
Visit the URNA WEBSITE for more info on us, safety tips, News, etc.
 Did you know URNA now has a Facebook group page? And a Twitter account?  Follow us on these and you can sign up for the newsletter on those pages too!
URNA on Facebook : www.Facebook.com/URNAOak
URNA on Twitter:  www.Twitter.com/URNAOakland
- Gordie, Brad, Craig, and Lori
The Upper Rockridge Neighborhood Association is a California nonprofit unincorporated association formed in the Fall of 2014, and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The Association is organized exclusively as a social welfare organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  See Website for List of Board Members.

Patrol officers are unarmed and do not use racial profiling. They are trained to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity. Their first response to any criminal or safety concern is to contact OPD, and then observe, report, and, when it is safe to do so, assist anyone in need. 

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR URGENT SITUATION, ALWAYS CALL 9-1-1 (from landlines) OR THE OPD EMERGENCY LINE (510) 777-3211 (from cell phones) FIRST

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