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Last update: July 12, 2017


Questions, Questions, Questions...  As with any change, there are questions, so we hope yours will be answered in the FAQ below:  The new URNA-BAY Patrol service provides more services at lower cost, so sign up today to start or continue patrols through Upper Rockridge Neighborhood Assoc.

Q: Do I need to have Bay Alarm equipment or monitoring to continue patrols with URNA/Bay?
A:  The answer is "NO".  To continue patrols for your residence, you ONLY need to do the Bay Patrols contract since they are providing the patrol service for URNA members now. You DO NOT NEED to have Bay Alarm install  any equipment or do Alarm monitoring, etc. Those are completely separate and optional... You may continue to use your existing alarm/monitoring.

Q: I already have an Alarm/Alarm monitoring from Bay Alarm. Do I need to fill out the forms?
A:  The answer is a qualified "No".  If you already do business with Bay, you can fill out a new rider form to add the patrols service and do not need the other Emergency Contacts form since you already gave them that info previously. Best option is to call Rechelle at Bay 510-639-2674 and have her send you the rider.

Q: I have Patrol Service from Bay already! Do I need to do anything?
A:  The answer is a "NO".  A very few URNA members that were contributing to URNA patrols also have Bay Alarm Patrol Service. In that case, you need not do anything and the patrols continue as before.

Q: I have an alarm and monitoring through another company. What do I need to do?
A:  To continue to get the benefits of patrols through URNA, simply fill out the Bay Alarm Patrols forms and return them to Bay. Billing will be done through Bay. For monitoring, you might consider adding Bay Dispatch to your call list since they can send out a car to check the house faster than the OPD response time typically. Note that the Bay patroller can only call in to Police as well when they get there, but the presence of a patrol car may aid the situation.

Q: Who is going to bill me for patrols now?
A:  The answer is Bay Alarm. The billing from URNA is OFF.  URNA will do community outreach for Bay and liaise with OPD, city council, Bay Alarm, and do other projects (cameras) in future, while Bay Alarm will take over all patrols and regular billing for those.

Q: I'm confused about new Credit and  Emergency Contacts form you sent. Can I pay by credit card or bank debit? How to fill out?
A1:  The contacts are like an alarm monitoring form, where you give numbers to call if a Bay Patrol car reports to dispatch some suspicious activity at your home.

A2: The Credit Form confused us too and apparently Bay does a credit check if you choose to have them invoice you. For the bulk of URNA members however, it is likely you will want to do AUTO-payment as you did with URNA. In that case, you may use a credit card or Bay prefers EFT from bank account. For either Auto-Pay selection, there is no credit check performed. To Activate Auto Pay, SKIP the credit section details on the Emergency Contact form and use the AUTO-PAY/EFT FORM below (just added).

Q: What is the difference between URNA Associate Member and Full Member?
A:  The difference is in cost and number of services provided. Please see the URNA website JOIN NOW page for more complete info.

Q: What is the difference between Associate Member contract and Full Member contract?
A:  The only difference is the last page listing the contracted services. Note: You can switch from Associate Member to Full Member at any time for your convenience.

Q: I like the new services that Bay offers. How can I get online access to the patrol logs to see when they pass by my house?
A:  Once you start service, you will need to contact Bay to request that they set up a user online account for you. Then you can log in and see the logs directly from your computer. All Bay cars carry GPS equipment to produce these logs.  FULL INSTRUCTION SHEET HERE  If you have issues with the logs, you can call dispatch to discuss. Bay staffing is expected to adjust to the number of URNA members coming in to their patrols so that level of service remains the same. 

Q: I need assistance with my Bay Alarm forms. Where can I get that?
A:  Click the PATROLS SIGNUP BUTTON BELOW and there is lots of info on how to get help if you need it! 

URNA/Bay Alarm Patrol forms:
To start or continue patrols as before and receive more individualized service, sign up with Bay Alarm using their paperwork. This includes their contract, and a Credit/Emergency contact numbers form, and for AUTO-PAY, an EFT form.  These can be downloaded by clicking this link:

   Forms to start new patrols service

****URNA urges you to complete your Patrols forms as soon as possible to start service as a URNA member!

You can find this on the updated URNA website as well.

Costs for URNA Members: 
NOTE that the patrol hours will be 24/7 versus our current 30 hours/week. We expect pass-bys to be the same or more as old patrols but spread over the entire day/night.
$30/month (Full Member)   $20/month (Associate Member)
Associate Members get less services as before, and can upgrade any time, of course.

FOR A COMPARISON OF FULL vs. ASSOCIATE MEMBER, please see the URNA Website page:  Join NOW

  • If you are just joining URNA, Bay offers a first-month free discount to new members
  • BAY ALARM also offers discounts to URNA MEMBERS on all of the other services they provide.  Ask the Bay Rep for more info on those...
Visit the URNA WEBSITE for more info on us, safety tips, News, etc.
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- Gordie, Brad, Craig, Ben, and Lori

The Upper Rockridge Neighborhood Association is a California nonprofit unincorporated association formed in the Fall of 2014, and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The Association is organized exclusively as a social welfare organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  See Website for List of Board Members.

Patrol officers are unarmed and do not use racial profiling. They are trained to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity. Their first response to any criminal or safety concern is to contact OPD, and then observe, report, and, when it is safe to do so, assist anyone in need. 

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR URGENT SITUATION, ALWAYS CALL 9-1-1 (from landlines) OR THE OPD EMERGENCY LINE (510) 777-3211 (from cell phones) FIRST

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